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Cloud Computing: A Simple Explanation

Cloud computing is a long explanation if you do not already know from the beginning. In simple words, Cloud computing is the storage of data access services that does not really need the user’s knowledge about the systems that provide services. One example of services based on Cloud computing is Gmail from Google. Just fill in the questionnaire to be used as data completeness, then you easily and quickly have your Gmail account, no charge at all.

Using cloud computing service for business on the Internet is fast, easy, and secure. Cloud Computing allows you to log into Gmail, for example, whenever you are by using any device such as smartphones, mobile phones, and iPhones. So that you can take your business wherever you go. Continue with reading

Divi Theme, One of The Great Software That You Need To Customize Your WordPress Page Interface

In this modern time, the advance of communication technology notes the fastest growth among all kinds of technologies. One of the most popular and commonly be used by many people in this world of a communication technology products is internet. Through internet, you can do many things such as doing web browsing or even sharing many things through blogging. In blogging activities, you can share many things that you have such as your stories, notes, and even any multimedia contents such as photo or video. WordPress is one of the kinds of website open source software that you can use in doing blogging activities. If you want to customize the interface of your wordpress to be more perfect, you may choose divi theme. Continue with reading